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Magnus Group LLC is a 100% veteran-owned and operated small business that was established to be a catalyst in bringing local communities together through the shared experiences of firearms training, security training, and other forms of preparedness training.

Magnus Group LLC is dedicated to excellence in training, clarity in instruction, and perseverance in the proliferation of liberty. We boldly adhere to the Gospel of Jesus, the Constitution of the United States of America, and all principles thereunto pertaining. Built upon lifelong experience from real-world situations, through hard work, and mutual friendship, Magnus Group LLC will always endeavor to maintain a work ethic beyond reproach, treating every customer with respect and dignity.



Pistol Training

Do you have a semi-automatic, revolver, single action, double action, striker-fired, etc? Have you never handled a pistol? We got you! We have designed three levels of curriculum that will take you from the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship to advanced tactics that enable you to perform with the best.

Carbine Training

Carbines are short, long, and in between. They can have iron sights only or decked out with multitudes of gear. We have three distinguishable courses designed to help grow the shooter where they are for their carbine platform. Regardless of your experience, we have a course designed for you.

Shotgun Training

Whether you have a semi-auto or pump shotgun, we have a three-tier system designed to teach you how to use your scattergun! Many people use and prefer a shotgun for home defense, and we can help you use your shotgun to protect your family. You’ll learn everything you need to know to implement your shotgun in whatever capacity you use it!

Security Training

Our security training programs aim to equip church security teams and security professionals with the necessary skill and knowledge to excel in their roles and provide the best possible security services to their churches or clients. 


Our specialized consulting services include security measures, firearms training, and risk management to businesses, houses or worship, real estate agencies, other not for profits organizations, government agencies, families, and individuals.

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